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Spring Is In the Air – Is Your Vehicle Ready?

March 2nd, 2016
It’s March and it may not be warming up just yet, but you know that spring is right around the corner. The buds will be coming out on the trees, flowers blooming, birds tweeting, and it’ll be time to get your vehicle back in shape after the rigors of a rough winter.
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Warm Cars for Cold Days

October 5th, 2015
auto repair in Roanoke, VAEveryone likes a nice cool car…except on a cold day. If you’ve ever shivered and tried to keep warm in a car with a weak heater (not to mention trying to clear fog from the inside of the windshield with stray Taco Bell napkins), you know what a miserable experience it is. 
The heating system of your car is pretty simple in principle; it uses heat from the engine by directing coolant through a mini-radiator called the heater core. The heater core is located behind the dashboard and is connected to dampers that regulate temperature, direct heat to the defrosters, floor or vents and turn the heater on and off. A blower and ducts then carry the heat to the defrosters or passenger compartment. There are a few ways that a heater can malfunction, though: 
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