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Winter Automotive Tune-Up

January 17th, 2014

Winter Automotive Tune-Up

It’s a fact- your car gets pretty over-worked in the winter. Whether it’s the warm ups, the cold starts, holiday travel, or the freezing winter conditions, your vehicle doesn’t like winter just about as much as most people dread the coldest months on the calendar. If you don’t already, it’s about time to give your ride a little extra TLC this winter. Even if you have planned ahead and winterized your vehicle, it’s a really good idea to consider a mid-season automotive tune-up to maintain many of the vital functions of your engine. We’re here to help you with your winter checklist to prevent some of the main causes of winter-related breakdowns.Winter Tune-Up Roanoke, VA

·         Battery- Check your battery and replace if needed. A faulty battery could prevent your car from starting or worse, leave you stranded away from your destination or home.

·         Spark Plugs and Wires- Spark plugs should be checked and replaced every 6-12 months. Wires should be checked to make sure there are no cracks, frays, or loose connections.  Fuses can be tested and replaced.

·         Hoses and Belts- Hoses and belts can become brittle in extreme temperatures and crack or break. Listen for squealing or whining, and tighten or replace as they become worn.

·         Fluids- Oil changes are vital for the survival of your engine, and the winter months can add strain to your engine’s moving parts. Oil keeps the engine at a safe temperature, not too hot, and not too cold, and prevents the leading causes of engine wear and breakdown. Antifreeze should be checked, as well as transmission fluid. You may want to consider a winter gas treatment to prevent condensation from building up in your engine.

·         Brakes- Your brakes should be checked for wear and tear to the calipers and brake pads, and for any signs that it may be time for replacement or repairs. Brake fluid can be checked, and flushed or replaced if needed.

·         Wheel Alignment- Have wheel alignment checked and this can help identify any signs of needed repairs to the driveline. Tires should be checked and rotated; new wheels or switching out to snow tires may require wheel balancing.

·         Heating- The heating and air filtration system should be inspected for any problems or needed maintenance. Air filters can be checked and replaced as needed. Make sure to include your cabin air filter in that, as this is the main filter that cleans the air you will breathe in the vehicle.

·         Windshield- Top off your washer fluid, or add winterized washer fluid if you live in an area that drastically drops in temperature. Check your wiper blades, you will want these working at their top performance. Inspect windshield for chips and cracks. Now is a good time to get these repaired so they don’t expand or run due to the combination of heat and cold.

Depending on the age and use on your vehicle, a winter tune-up may not take much time to complete, and could potentially save you thousands of dollars in the long run on repair costs. Check our specials to save big on maintenance, and stop by Star City Tire in Roanoke, VA today! 

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